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How long does it actually take: learning to swim as an adult?

How long does it actually take: learning to swim as an adult?

Many students ask us if they will swim well after our course, or in how many lessons they will be able to swim if we talk about individual lessons. And our unsatisfying answer is always the same.
“That depends.” It’s not an answer anyone wants.

But the only honest answer is this: It really depends on you.

Some of you will swim after first 2 lessons, and some of you after 5.

We calculated the fair number of classes for our courses: 6.

6 hours to be able to swim your first 10m using breaststroke by the end of the course, learn water safety techniques and become confident in the pool.

This is our goal.

We remind our swimmers that we must be kind to ourselves when we don’t move as quickly as we’d like to. We must remember that to take this on as an adult requires bravery, and we should be proud to take on a challenge so daunting for so many.

We must remember that many adults are not swim literate, and that the idea that “everyone else can swim” is false.
We must remember that just because we see 5-year-olds swimming does not mean it is easy.

Some of you may need extra classes (something not really common )

From our 2 years of experience we have had only one student who got our strong recommendations to repeat the entire course once again. The statistic says that it is 1 case from 100 adult beginners, but it may happen and you will have to accept it and move on.

We all are so different and our ways to swimming are different too.

We recommend to start without many expectations and then celebrate every small victory.

Look how our beginners do enjoy their first breaststroke swim.



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